About us

Orkla Eesti AS is a leading Estonian food business combining two well-established local trademarks and production units: the products of Kalev and Põltsamaa are known and loved in every Estonian home.

Through its two Estonian production units, the Kalev factory in Jüri and the Põltsamaa factory in Jõgeva County, Orkla Eesti produces over 500 different products. Kalev sweets and chocolates and Põltsamaa juices, mustard, vegetable preserves and Felix ketchup have been among the favourites of Estonian consumers for decades. The company also markets popular products by other Orkla group businesses in Estonia, such as Taffel snacks, Grandiosa pizzas, the Paulun´s muesli range, Abba fish products, Ekströms blueberry soup, etc.

Orkla Eesti employs about 530 people.

The confectionery products bearing the Kalev trademark are made in a modern factory of 26,500 square metres in Rae Rural Municipality in Harju County. Kalev is the true chocolate expert in the region and the bulk of its products are chocolate confectioneries, which are made for both the domestic market and abroad – mostly Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Russia. In recent years, Kalev has invested nearly 13 million euros in modern production equipment and technologies and will continue to make investments in the future. Kalev has been the most beloved trademark among Estonians for many years, according to surveys.

The Põltsamaa factory is best known for its juices, vegetable preserves, soups, mustard and wine. Põltsamaa juice products, cucumber and pumpkin preserves, Felix ketchups, Põltsamaa mustard and many others are without doubt among consumer favourites. The company invested 1.5 million euros in a new juice plant in 2017, which made Põltsamaa the most up-to-date juice producer in the Baltic countries.

In 2018, Orkla merged the two formerly separate food businesses into a single enterprise, while the beloved and familiar trademarks Kalev and Põltsamaa will continue to represent their dignified history. The Kalev chocolate shops and Maiasmokk Café in Tallinn’s Old Town will also continue under their old names.

The Norwegian company Orkla is a leading groceries and essential goods group in the Nordic and Baltic states, and on selected markets in Central Europe, Russia and India. The group’s sales exceeded 4 billion euros in 2017 and the group employs over 18,000 people. The success of Orkla Group is based on local well-established trademarks in each country.

History of production in Estonia

The first predecessor of the Kalev confectionery factory began operations in 1806 in Tallinn’s Old Town. During the early years, it made mainly sugar and marzipan sweets, while chocolate and chocolate sweets were added to its product range in the second half of the 19th century; among other destinations, these were exported to America, Asia and North Africa during Estonia’s first period of independence. The Kalev trademark was adopted in 1948. Kalev confectionery factory became a member of Orkla Group in 2010. The Kalev production unit at Jüri currently makes over 200 different sweets.

Food production in Põltsamaa is almost as old as the Republic of Estonia. The first plant in Põltsamaa produced only juice and wine; starch, kama cereal meal and coffee were added soon afterwards. The plant began producing salads, preserves and jams in 1936, and exported a large part of its products. The world’s first space foods were made during the Soviet period in Põltsamaa and many people still remember these famous tastes. The still beloved Põltsamaa mustard was launched in 1961 and has remained unchanged for nearly 60 years. Põltsamaa factory has belonged to Orkla Group since 1996.